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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Saintpaulia Species

The original "wild" African violets.  These are the species that can be found growing in their native habitat in Africa, and from which all of our "modern" hybrids are distantly related.  Most Saintpaulia species are very easy to grow and good bloomers,  Most are very tolerant of neglect, even needing less light than hybrids to grow and bloom.  We only irregularly propagate these, so inventory of these items is also more irregular.

Descriptions of varieties are those of the hybridizer or of the AVSA registrar.  AVSA registration numbers follow description. Colors have not been altered and are truthful to how they appear when grown by us under our conditions and in our light.  Small differences in hue or intensity of colors may occur when grown in your environment or viewed in different lighting.  

Some photos depict mature plants grown to bloom in 4" or larger pots--we cannot ship them this size!

Plants shipped in 2 1/2" pots.

"Seller's choice" packages on our special offers page.

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