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Refund & Return Policy

About INSV:

Though this virus has been in existence for decades, it has become a recent concern amongst African violet growers and hobbyists.  A good synopsis of the disease can be found on the AVSA website.  Beginning November 2022, plants shipped by us have been (individually) tested negative for INSV or are selected from plants that have been (group sample) tested negative for INSV.  Random testing is performed on remaining stock on an ongoing basis.  Propagation is now being done from this same (negative tested) stock.   Plants even remotely suspected (even if not tested) of having INSV or other problems are discarded and are not listed for sale nor will be shipped.

If you have difficulties growing your plant(s), please contact us for advice and/or problem solving.  Sometimes, there is a problem with the plant itself, in which case a refund or reshipment may be necessary.  More often, there is an explanation in care, culture, or environment.  These can be easily addressed when dealt with in a timely way.  Please contact us before your plant is dead or dying, and problems can still be addressed. 

Upon receipt of order--notify us within 72 hours:

Damaged plants.  Though we try our best to avoid this, some minor damage (a broken leaf or two) sometimes happens.  If plants are dead or more heavily damaged, extent of damage will be evident within a day or two.  If this is the case, we will issue a refund to your account or reship plants as necessary.  Note!  November 14 thru April 1, safe delivery is guaranteed only by Express mail when signed for upon delivery--we are not responsible for cold damage if you select priority mail at your risk.

Damage due to weather or misdelivery.  If heavily damaged or dead, we will issue refund or reship.  Please note that orders shipped Nov 1-April 15 are guaranteed only by Express mail and that proper USPS mailing address must be provided!

Diseased or infected plants.  If plant arrives with visible pests or (tested) disease, we will issue refund to your account.

After receipt--notify us within 3 months:

Poorly growing, unhealthy, or diseased plants.   If symptoms of an underlying disease or condition (existing at time of shipment) of the plant appear within 3 months of receipt, we will refund, credit, or replace.  We are not responsible for damage or conditions due to care or environment after receipt.  

Note:  After 3 months we are no longer able to process refunds to your account.  After that time, only credits or replacements on future orders can be made.

At any time during the life of the plant:

First bloom is true to description.  Most African violets or streptocarpus will bloom within 3 months of receipt, given proper care.  If your plant's first blooms (let more than one appear) is not true to description (some variability is allowed), we will issue refund (if within 3 months) or replace/credit on future order if it blooms more than 3 months after receipt.

Other problems.  After arrival, you are responsible for the care and environment provided plants--we no longer have any control over this.  We are always available by phone or email for consultation, advice, and troubleshooting.  We want you to succeed!  Most problems can be resolved if addressed in a timely way--don't wait until the plant is dead or nearly so!  Emails, with photos, name of variety, and an outline of care and environment will allow us to provide our best guess as to what might be the problem.

Return of items:

Please, do NOT return plants!  Plants are perishable and may not survive the return trip back to us.  We are only responsible for the above, not a change of heart (i.e. you no longer want them).  If returned regardless, you will be refunded only for plants that we receive in a saleable condition and will not refund for any return shipping costs.  If plants are returned to us because of your failure to accept them (winter Express shipping requires a signature upon delivery), you will be refunded only for plants returned in saleable condition in their original packaging.  

Return of supplies.  As supplies are nonperishable, any supply item returned to us in unused/saleable condition will be refunded to your account when received.  We are not responsible for return shipping costs.

Notes on processing refunds:

We are unable to process refunds to debit or gift cards (due to payment processor restrictions)!  We can only do this for credit accounts.  We do not keep account information on file for security reasons (these are stored by the payment processor)--these are destroyed after we receive and charge your account.  Our processor only keeps this information on file for a limited time (3-6 months) as well.  If we are unable to process a refund to your account, will offer a credit on a future order or reshipment (subject to availability of items ordered).