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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Mini African Violets

To view miniature African violets for sale, click links at bottom of page.

miniature violetWhen mature, miniature African violets grow to less than 6" in diameter, semimiminiatures to less than 8".  With proper care, actual plant size usually smaller.  Care is no different than for other African violets.  Never use a pot larger than 2 1/2".  These plants are meant to be grown small, and the plant you receive, even when mature, will be small as well--though you can repot them, they are comfortable growing in the small pot we ship them in.

Descriptions are those of the hybridizer or of the AVSA registrar.  AVSA registration numbers follow description.  Photos shown are of plants grown by us, and are representative of what plant can look like when properly grown--we cannot always ship mature plants in full bloom! 

Plants shipped in 2" pots.