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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Cork Bark

We use cork to mount our orchids and often use them in our small (dish garden and terrarium) landscapes.  We have more than we need for our own use, so are offering the remainder for sale.

  • Perfect for terrariums (and vivariums) since it is mold and rot resistant and very long lasting.
  • Great for mounting orchids and other ephiphytes.  Roots will grow onto the cork and plants can be watered without fear of rotting the bark.
  • Natural, decorative, appearance.
  • Easy to cut or trim to desired shape.

Size and weight of each piece is given in item description and range from about 6" square to more than 12".  Each piece listed is unique.

It cannot be shipped with international orders.  Since each piece is "one of a kind" and the last of it in stock, Paypal may not be able to process order properly (not an issue when using credit card as payment).

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