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African violets and collectible houseplants

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What appears below is the same posting as appears in our shop and in local job listings.  Part-time positions are also available, but these are more a support role for our growers and involve less plant-related work.

We are always looking for good help, especially those people who have a legitimate interest in working with plants and/or a career in horticulture.  For those interested in working at 'The Violet Barn', send us an e-mail expressing your interest to comments@violetbarn.com  with the subject "employment at Violet Barn".

Note:  We are a 'smoke-free' environment--no smoking or vaping at any time in or on premises.


Full time plant caretaker and grower positions.

Job Descriptions

In business since 1985, the Violet Barn is a producer of indoor tropical plants, specializing in African violets and related plants.  Primarily a mail-order business, we are internationally recognized and ship to customers world-wide.  We sell in excess of 60,000 plants annually.  Many of the plants we grow are not commercially grown anywhere else in the world.

All work is done in-house: breeding, propagation, growing and selling.  We do not buy and resell, nor merely “finish” plants.  We both produce and finish our own product.  This means persons employed here must be able and willing to produce and grow plants.

Both plant caretakers and growers are responsible for producing and caring for plants.  This includes propagation, potting, watering, grooming and other regular and necessary care as well as packaging the finished plants.

Growers must have existing skills and or training (from elsewhere or promoted from caretaker position), and are given additional responsibility to oversee and manage crops and inventory.

Job Requirements

Background or degree in horticulture is beneficial but not necessary.  Genuine interest is.

Willingness and ability to work with hands, necessary for growing/producing plants.  Attention to detail is necessary a quiet nature, and ability to work alone is beneficial.

Willingness to learn and be trained.  Much of the plant material will be unfamiliar to even those with a background or experience in the industry.  Many of our growing methods are also different.

Wages and Benefits

Dependent upon background and skills.  No less than $15.00/hr. to start for part-time, $15.50 for full-time. Growers begin at $20/hr. or more.

8 week training/probation period, after which raises and full benefits given.  Further raises given based on merit.  These can be substantial for those most motivated and valuable. Growers receive additional pay and bonuses commensurate with responsibilities, beyond regular full time employees.

Benefits include health insurance, profit-sharing, bonuses, paid vacation time, and employer-funded retirement plan.  Benefits can add 20% or more to annual wages.  Year end profit share and bonuses typically add $2,000 to $5,000 or more for full time employees.