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African violets and collectible houseplants

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streptocarpusStreptocarpus are often called 'Cape primrose' but are, in fact, related to African violets.  Streptocarpus will bloom heavily year-round, and are quite spectacular.  Very easy to grow and bloom, and are great for windows.  Trumpet-shaped blooms with flat faces are borne over strap-like leaves.  Many visitors to our shop will mistake them for orchids!  Unlike violets, each streptocarpus leaf will produce 8-10 or more bloom stalks, sequentially, so that plants tend to stay in heavy bloom for long periods of time.  Culture and care is the same as for violets. If you are going to grow just one other blooming houseplant besides African violets, we would highly recommend trying Streptocarpus.  They are extremely easy to grow and almost constantly rewarding. Photo at left submitted by Holly VanVoorhis of streps in her kitchen window.

Most streptocarpus grow best in 5" when mature, perhaps a 6" pot if very large.  "Compact" varieties can be kept in a 3 or 4" pot, and "small" and miniature varieties in a 3" pot or smaller. The exact size of the plant can be controlled by the grower--if leaves become too long just trim with scissors! Pot into 3" pot at first bloom.  Visit our "plant care" pages for more information on repotting and propagating streptocarpus.

Photos are of mature plants in bloom.  We cannot ship them this size!

Shipped as starter plants in 2" pots.

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