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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Gesneriads for baskets

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Commonly known as the "lipstick vine", with its bright blooms and showy foliage, it can be one of the showiest of all houseplants.  All are characterised by long, tubular, blooms, usually in shades of bright yellow to orange and red.  Many have distinct calyces (a shorter tube from which the blossom protrudes), giving them at distincive "lipstick in a tube" look.  Blooms are produced on terminal ends of new growth. Foliage is either branching and spreading, or cascading, making them ideal for hanging baskets, though a few grow more as an upright shrub.  Care is similar to that of African violets, and they will do well under either artificial or natural light.  A bright window is best, and many will bloom better there, since the cooler night temperatures in windows can encourage even better bloom

Beautiful, much underappreciated gesneriads.  Tropical, spreading plants that produce stolons much like episcia and like similar conditions--a bit warm and humid.  They bloom well and constantly, particularly when conditions are bright and warm.

Cascading gesneriads with small, fingernail size, semisucculent leaves and flowers in white, pink, or yellow.  Very free bloomers under either natural or artificial light.  Succulent nature of leaves means they are largely tolerant of neglect and forgetfulness.  xCodonantanthus are intergeneric are an intergeneric species (Codonanthe x Nematanthus), and have similar growth and blooming characteristics.

Also known as the "goldfish plant" these spreading or cascading gesneriads are easy to grow and bloom.  The long, tubular, 'horned' blooms give the look of 'flying fish'.  Well grown plants can have 40-50 or more blooms at a time.  Great for windows, but can be grown under lights.  Same general care as for violets and other gesneriads.

Sometimes called the "guppy plant", most are notable by the 'candy corn' like blooms of orange or red (though yellow and white are also colors).  Leaves are thick, leathery, and semisucculent, making them very tolerant of neglect and a bright (or hot) window.  

Plants shipped in 2 1/2" (or 2") pots. 

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