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Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Best New Cultivar at 2008 AVSA show.  Excellent showplant.  Sdbl. pink pansies with blue fantasy speckles and white edging.  Green and gold variegated semiminiature foliage.  AVSA #9462


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Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Cute flowers

This is my favorite variety because it blooms with lots of cute flowers and is easy to grow.

Anonymous Mar 07 2024, 22:52 PM

Very fun plant!

I got a small plant from my local AV club years ago and always enjoyed the spectacular blooms and foliage. I found that it was a bit picky about light but once I found the right spot under my lights it did fine. Sadly, I lost this plant when moving a few years ago. Maybe I’ll grow it again some day! And how can you not love the name??

Anonymous Oct 20 2023, 03:43 AM

So cute I died

It has not bloomed yet but the foliage is gorgeous and more variegated than the photo depicts. It is the perfect tiny plant and came very healthy!

Bridgette Reilly May 20 2023, 19:36 PM

parking lot puma chow

If you are a new customer? The shipping here is worth every penny. You can see the love that goes into the plants that will grace your home. I just wish they sold leaves. I have yordered this plant twice under my old account. It is an amazing plant that shames grocery store violets. Unfortunately? A tragic fate befalls this plant at my home. It must taste great as it looks. Each time the plant amazes me and is subsequently devoured by my daughters pet Molly. A very odd chocolate brown parking lot puma? Other than (RIP) Bunny Hop? She leafs the 40+ plants here alone. Molly left not a petiole, root or crown behind. She did leaf a leaf tip inside my shoe. She (the cat) will encounter a glass barrier if I order it again.

Terrell Snow Oct 27 2022, 05:04 AM

Amazing Little Plant

I love love love my little pigeon! It has done amazingly well in the little over a year I have had it. The variegation on my particular plant is utterly stunning, as it is much whiter on the leaves than in the example photos with beautiful green freckles :) My plant has bloomed several times already and presently is blooming again at the time of this review.

Emma Metty Aug 01 2022, 23:22 PM

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