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Rob's Sticky Wicket

One of our originals, ranked #1 show winner in country in 1991-93, 1995, and 1997, and still being grown and shown.  Sdbl. fuchsia blooms over the very best trailing foliage around.  Semiminiature trailer.  AVSA #6467


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Rob's Sticky Wicket

Average Rating 4.7 out of 5

Loved this little plant

Another positive review for this little trailer. It continued to bloom and grow well under artificial lights. In this location it continued to grow and grow, though never getting very big. I would recommend if you are looking for a trailing African violet.

Erin Ervine Dec 28 2023, 21:38 PM

Sticky Wicket—cute name and cute plant!

I purchased this little gem as part of a 5-pack over a year ago. It was slower to bloom than some of the others, but the flowers were worth the wait! The flowers are more of a light pink than fuchsia, which makes for a better contrast to the purples in my little “violet garden.” Another winner from Violet Barn!!

Clemence Simard Nov 08 2023, 13:45 PM

Love it

I bought this violet because I liked the name. But having it in my home, flowering profusely makes me happy. I love it! Plants usually grow for me just by looking at it, though somehow I kept killing all of the violets. But all I bought from violet barn is growing and flowering, quality makes a huge difference.

Heleen Schut Jul 11 2023, 09:58 AM

*note to my last review

In my review I mentioned that I grow Rob's Sticky Wicket under a glass dome...but, lest I mislead anyone wanting to try the same thing, I ought to have clarified that the dome is propped up at the base to allow adequate airflow. (The Violet Barn's April 2023 Violets Fun newsletter has a short article featuring care and propagation for this trailer that I found helpful, thanks.)

Rose Sullivan Apr 17 2023, 15:58 PM

Extraordinary trailer

The description doesn't exaggerate. The most beautiful trailing AF foliage I have ever seen. I live in New England, so I was awed when the young (but very well developed, strong, healthy) Sticky Wicket plant I received from Violet Barn continued growing and blooming through late November, despite receiving less and less light in his spot in a north-facing window. By early-to-mid December, though, he just wasn't getting enough hours of daylight on the windowsill--I had to move him to a warmer location with artificial light until late February. Since I live in a building where the HVAC system runs constantly, the air in my home is on the dry side, so Sticky Wicket grows best for me under a glass dome.

Rose Sullivan Apr 13 2023, 14:48 PM

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