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Rob's Bunny Hop

Adorable little miniature!  Bouquet of sdbl. pink pansies above excellent, tiny, dark TL variegated foliage.  Terrific, tiny, miniature showplant.  Easy bloomer.  AVSA #8875


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Rob's Bunny Hop

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5


This arrived in perfect shape and had one tiny flower. The foliage alone is so pretty - the pink has a sparkle to it. Everything in my order arrived in great shape and I am eagerly awaiting more blooms. This is my first order from The Violet Barn and I am quite impressed.

Colleen Conroy Apr 18 2024, 12:17 PM

Such a cute Bunny!

This one has really jumped into the category of attention grabber for its eye-catching, brilliant variegated leaves! Even without any blooms, they stand out in my collection! It doesn’t have blooms yet, although I can tell that it will, soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more appealing it will be, then!

Linda Parker Aug 25 2023, 08:30 AM

All orders perfect

I have ordered some 5 times and am amazed at how carefully the plants are packed and that all the plants have buds or are blooming. Each specimen is perfect!

Joseph Rouse Jul 17 2023, 11:40 AM


I’m finally in my new home and the violets are blooming! This particular one is just gorgeous!

Margaret Caldwell Jul 05 2023, 14:06 PM

Adorably tiny

I didn't even know that mini/micro African Violets existed until I came looking on VBs website and now I'm in love with them. I've ordered 5 violets from VB now and 3 have been minis/micros and all of them have been beautiful healthy plants. I love the varigation of the leaves on Bunny Hop and can't wait to see it in bloom.

Joann Griffin Jul 01 2023, 23:31 PM

Cute, Perfection, Great Shipping

Beautiful leaf variegation perfectly symmetrical plant and cute to boot. Eagerly waiting for the first blooms to come. This was my first shipment with the new packing materials. The experience was very positive. The plants were in excellent shape-no leaf damage, no missing soil and easy to unwrap/unbox with the rubber bands. The best shipping method among the vendors I have used.

Mary J Lis May 23 2023, 03:39 AM

Love it

So cute great with my collection

Susan Nustvold Mar 02 2023, 16:40 PM

Another happy customer!

I purchased this tiny Micro Mini and I couldn't be happier. The little leaves are edged in pink. It has 2 open flowers and many buds already. I am ordering more today!

Ayoub Ayoub50@att.net Nov 19 2022, 16:39 PM

Especially extraordinary

Surreal in its beauty. Due to its almost perfect symmetry and size? People have thought it was a high end silk artificial. Behind that perfection? Rob’s Bunny Hop conceals a surprisingly rugged, hardy personality.

Terrell Snow Oct 27 2022, 07:04 AM

So cute!

This one is so adorable even when it's not in bloom. Love the pink variegation on the leaves! When this one arrived it had a few blooms and lots of flower buds.

Karina Ramirez Oct 17 2022, 19:27 PM

Beautiful leaves!

I love these tiny variegated leaves! It bloomed one or two flowers right after it arrived, but since then it seems intent on making lots of petty leaves. I'll have to ask Violet Barn for some advice on this one. My other mini-trailer is blooming gangbusters!

Eva Shipley Oct 14 2022, 06:48 AM


I just love variegated leaves on violet’s. This is one of my favorites,

Laura Beekman Sep 24 2022, 13:43 PM

Truly a tiny one!

This is truly a tiny plant with pretty foliage. It blooms as pictured with dainty pink blooms. It has thrived in the year or so I've had it!

Eva Shipley Aug 24 2022, 05:12 AM

Pretty in pink

This mini is super cute, I love the pink with the variegated foiliage.

Cameron Lu Jul 30 2022, 02:46 AM

Little Beauty

I love this little beauty. The leaves are just stunning!! Can’t wait to see the blooms. They arrived in perfect condition. Linda Poole

Linda Poole Jul 16 2022, 14:24 PM

Beautiful leaves

Beautiful variegated leaves. Still waiting for it to bloom.

Martha Wiedman Jul 14 2022, 17:58 PM

True Miniature

An enthusiastic flowerer with a symmetrical growth habit. It's small, but sturdy leaves, make it a perfect little mini that truly is as miniature as it appears in photos. A reliable show plant.

Anonymous May 01 2022, 08:55 AM

Wonderful miniature!

Beautifully formed, full, compact plant. Very attractive variegated foliage - and what beautiful pink flowers! A real winner. Violet Barn’s own hybrids seem to always come out on top! (I love their freebies - they help us discover wonderful plants like this!)

Patti Hagopian Feb 04 2022, 13:53 PM

Super Cute!

This little guy is perfectly symmetrical, with lots of variation. It arrived in perfect condition, and is now blooming!

Karin Kister Jan 20 2022, 11:57 AM

Sweet Little Mini

Rob’s Bunny Hop is a good grower with a nice concentric form and pretty flowers. It has been a sturdy plant and is pleasant looking.

Linda Tormey Dec 28 2021, 21:09 PM

so addicted. love minis

This i got as a gift. You made me so happy. It's already blooming. Thank you so much!!

Jemalu Reed Dec 06 2021, 15:00 PM

Very cute mini

This is a great little mini AV. Arrived in bloom and leaves are more pink than images show.

Anonymous Dec 04 2021, 14:03 PM

So pretty!

This one is so pretty and it arrived in bloom. The leaves are also lovely and were much more variegated in person.

Cassandre Lanzas Oct 16 2021, 10:04 AM

So tiny!

This plant was a freebie in my order and with the variegated leaves it was actually the prettiest inside when I opened my package! It has remained a tiny, perfect rosette with no suckering and more white in the leaves than shown in the pictures above, even through our long, hot summer. It has taken a break after its first blooming but is budding again. Flowers were tiny, cute and lasted a long time.

Janis Theophanes Oct 15 2021, 10:55 AM

Excellent plant-flower color meh (for me)

For me, the flower color is a little too light pink, BUT its a tidy, amazing little plant! We'll be getting it again because the husband actually loves that shade of pink :) *

Chris Abdo Sep 22 2021, 08:54 AM

gorgeous symmetry

this plant arrived in perfect condition. the packaging was clearly done with the upmost care. already blooming! definitely happy with my purchase and will be getting more for my av collection!

Michelle mclean Aug 11 2021, 17:07 PM

Rob's plants totally beautiful

All of Rob's plants are totally beautiful. Looking for "Rob's Funny Bunny", must be out of stock. The pointed leaves on Bunny Hop are most unusual.

Ann T Morgan Jul 17 2021, 16:10 PM

Rob’s Bunny Hop

Absolutely beautiful, tiny plant. No blooms but leaves are perfect.

Sandra Reeves Jun 01 2021, 17:18 PM

Adorable miniature!!

Live this mini violet! It finally bloomed and the flowers are so delicate pink... Just beautiful!

Lorraine Shipman Jun 01 2021, 10:38 AM

Still waiting

Nice plant but no blossoms, I hope it will bloom this summer. My Rob’s Jitterbug bloomed all through the dark months of winter and was beautiful.

Nancy Dunn May 01 2021, 13:40 PM

Fantastic variegation!

VERY well behaved foliage! Perfect rosette with unique pink-tinged variegated leaves. Light pink ruffled flowers. I repotted a bit early into a 2 1/4 inch round pot because the little leaves were getting stuck in the corners of the square pot it came in. It didn't skip a beat though... flowered & flourished. Grows well under LED lights.

Emily Tanner Nov 19 2020, 03:04 AM

Love it!

Loved everything about this little gem! The pink color is very clear. The slightly variegated leaves make a nice contrast.

Anonymous Nov 04 2020, 10:22 AM

Stunning little one!

Arrived full of buds. Tiny and perfect!

shelley summitt Sep 20 2020, 19:11 PM

Robs Berry Hop

Very nice shaped plant.... beautiful foliage..... can't wait to see the blooms!. A beautiful addition to my collection!

Lorraine Shipman Sep 11 2020, 16:08 PM

Sweet little guy

My first order from Violet barn was a pleasurable experience, shipping was fast, packing was outstanding, plants are extreme healthy. This little guy is adorable, no flowers yet but the leaves are bright and healthy and look just like the picture. People are professional and honest and answer their emails in a timely manner

KATHY WEBER Sep 04 2020, 13:40 PM

Lovin it

Got my Rob’s Bunny Hop today, the plant arrived safe and sound no damage at all. The leaf color are gorgeous, Can’t wait to see the blooms.

Cindy Yuan Sep 03 2020, 22:33 PM

Beautiful flowers!

I purchased the seller's choice of ten miniature African Violets last fall. Rob's Bunny Hop was one of the ten. The variegated leaves make it special, but the blooms are my favorite part. Under my growing conditions, in cold weather or hot, the glistening petals range from white to pale pink to dark pink edged with green. Rob's miniatures never disappoint!

Tracy Stobbe Aug 18 2020, 21:27 PM

Gorgeous and healthy

Beautiful plant that arrived healthy and happy. Cannot wait for the first blooms!

Katherine Foster May 05 2020, 19:11 PM

Nice variegation

Really like the variegation on this mini.

Anonymous Apr 29 2020, 18:31 PM

Small stature...big flowers

So beautiful and takes up no space. I use the self watering plastic jewel type holders they sell here! Makes taking care of these tiny guys easy! Just add water when close to dry. About every three week or so. Fits there 2" pots exactly .

Anonymous Dec 28 2019, 00:31 AM

I love!

The foliage is so beautiful, my plant came with flower buds and the same flowers are still going strong after a month... I love this tiny one! :)

Amy Trept Jul 26 2019, 10:57 AM

Bunny 'Happy'

What a delight this lil one is!!! The leaves are gorgeous with flowers larger than the leaves!!! Absolutely a 'must have' in one's collection!!!..... Think I better order another!!! LOL

Cynthia Edlao Jul 03 2019, 14:46 PM

So cute!

Mini violets have become my new favorite. This ones variegation is to die for. I just cant wait till it blooms!

Aspen McDougall Jun 21 2019, 00:33 AM

leaves are very interesting

The size and variegation of the leaves make this an interesting violet even when it does not bloom.

Julie Fite May 17 2019, 23:09 PM

Love Bunny Hop

I especially love the tiniest of the minis. This little violet blooms and blooms. I think it’s perky little pink blossoms are even cuter than the picture. The variegation on the leaves are my favorite type.

Donna Pierson May 13 2019, 22:54 PM

Too Cute!!!

I purchased this sweet plant and it arrived in perfect condition. I live in Maine and I don't have a place to buy violets. I had never seen a violet with pink leaves. I am buying more violets today!!

Mary Burns May 13 2019, 08:45 AM

Vigorous and prolific

This little violet is a delight. Blooms constantly. The variation is beautiful!

Pam Ellerbee Oct 09 2018, 17:24 PM

Lovely little plant!

I love the dainty leaves of this mini and the variegation on the leaf edges plus its tidy growth habit give the plant a neat lacy effect overall. When it blooms it is just cute as a button.

Laura Farrell Oct 07 2018, 11:49 AM


I love this plant. I just received it and the leaves alone are just gorgeous.

Bridget Palkow Sep 29 2018, 16:00 PM


I absolutely LOVE this tiny violet! So perfect, it almost doesn't look real. Constant bloomer, easy to keep happy. Get one for yourself and one for everyone on your gift list!

Beth Wenner Aug 13 2018, 01:28 AM

My favorite miniature!

This one came with its tiny variegated leaves in a perfectly shaped rosette. It is such a beautiful little plant. All of the plants I ordered were extremely well packaged and not a leaf was broken! Thank you!

Susan Byerly Jul 02 2018, 10:23 AM

Rob's Bunny Hop

I purchased this mini for my daughter in April. It is an unbelievable plant; so many blooms they can't be counted. This is without a grow light - just sitting in an east window. I love VB and all the wonderful plants you so lovingly grow as well as the care taken when packing for shipping,

Wanda L. Crowder Jun 25 2018, 15:06 PM

Ron's. Bunny hop

This is a lovely little plant. Leaves are healthy and always shiney. The variations are a beautiful contrast. I have had this plant for almost none months or more and it still looks awesome.

Anonymous Jan 27 2018, 10:28 AM


This was one of 5 mini's I ordered, and it was blooming when I received it. They are such cute little plants and I love this one. All 22 plants I've ordered from Violet Barn have arrived healthy and happy. Love them all!! Wanting more of them, just not sure where I'll put them all! Freebie

Sandra Willis Oct 20 2017, 15:56 PM

Rob's Bunny Hop

I was very pleased and surprise with packaging of my violet orders. All are healthy and doing very good. This Rob's Bunny Hop came with little buds of flower, it's so cute. Can't wait till it is full bloom. Thank you Violet Barn :)

Anonymous Jul 23 2017, 00:41 AM

Robs Bunny hop........

What a little gem, brite pink blooms over a tiny pink variegated foliage. its a very showy mini. The leaves are in a perfect circle around the crown of blooms., and its just the right size to sit in an antique tea cup of my grandmothers. I cant imagine having only one mini in my collection, but if I had too, the Bunny Hop would be it........thanks so much for such a gorgeous little violet..........Rick L.

Jan Lalor Jul 02 2017, 01:40 AM

Tiny beauty

I love the pinkish edging on these tiny leaves! The soft pink flowers are about ¾ of an inch across (which makes them bigger than the leaves). I've only had mine a month so I don't know how much bigger the leaves will get. I'm keeping it in a 2 inch pot in my fairy garden

Mary Luttrell May 14 2017, 19:24 PM

Absolutely adorable!

I ordered a pack of ten random mini violets a few months back, and this was one of them! Unfortunately, it was mislabeled as a different, semi miniature variety, which, when the name was looked up, showed no variegation. However, this plant was chosen randomly for me, so no worries! I absolutely love it, it turned out the most beautiful, especially when none of my violets are blooming, because of the stunning foliage! It is very tiny, it could be planted in a shot glass, that's how tiny it is!

Machelle Feb 14 2017, 23:02 PM

Rob's Bunny Hop

This is an adorable little violet, and a must have for any mini collection! A good bloomer with sweet little blooms!

vera carlson Oct 28 2016, 15:24 PM

Tiny bloomer

Arrived perfectly to Hawaii! Impressive packaging down to a science...no damage to leaves at all! This one arrived with little bulbs. Single bloom lasted more than a week. Other bulbs sprouting.

Anonymous Aug 24 2015, 07:06 AM

Baby bunny

this my first mini and its blooms are so cute

Anonymous Aug 03 2015, 02:13 AM

Precious Micro Mini

You will not be disappointed with this micro. The foliage alone is stunning, and my plant bloomed within a couple weeks. VB never disappoints.

Lizette Valadez Jun 21 2015, 07:28 AM

I'm very impressed with my new discovery of VB

I just received my first shipment from the VB; absolutely impeccable packing; not even one broken leaf. Beautiful little plants especially the miniatures. Bunny Hop is the sweetest little thing ever. I plan to wait a few weeks before repotting so that plants can acclimate to my house. I'm sure I'll be back for more plants from VB; they have a wonderful selection of rare plants.

Diane Chandler Mar 18 2015, 13:50 PM

robs bad bunny

great little plant very good form starting to bloom. my first mini

Willow Reinagle Mar 05 2015, 08:20 AM


Perfect color. Perfect foliage. Perfect size. Absolutely beauty.

Hope Nguyen Nov 14 2014, 00:36 AM


The Violet Barn's Product Information is always spot on...Adorable little miniature! Tiny TL variegated foliage with large sdbl pink pansies held high! Mine looks just like the picture! I love it!

Kay Black Sep 03 2014, 13:31 PM

Perfectly shaped

LOVE this one - the shape is absolutely perfect and the variegated leaves are really cool. Mine is just starting to send up a couple buds so I am very excited!

Paul Gerthoffer Aug 30 2014, 14:11 PM

Perfect Plant!

A wonderful cluster of pink blossoms on top of beautifully variegated miniature foliage that grows with perfect symmetry. This is a perfect mini!

Timothy Ferguson Aug 23 2013, 12:41 PM

Cute little plant

This one is a real cutie. It's always in bloom and easy to grow with it's symmetrical foliage. Rob's Bunny Hop always does well for me at shows.

Karen D. Aug 15 2013, 15:51 PM

Cute, vigorous bloomer

Love this mini! Blooms easily (with enough light) and has foliage that is interesting in addition.

Carrie W Jul 09 2013, 13:46 PM

Rob's Bunny Hop

This little violet came to us looking so pretty. Very petie and easy to care for.

Lana S Aug 17 2012, 16:06 PM

Bright mini

This has nice contrast between the foliage & bloom. Mine arrived without blossoms, but the foliage looks vigorous & I expect it to do well.

Thomas Crabill Jul 22 2012, 20:48 PM

Happy bloomer

I am getting back into violets after years of being away, and I decided to focus on minis this time. Rob's Bunny Hop came out of the box blooming, and it has happily settled in and is still blooming. My plant has tiny little variegated leaves and lovely medium size pink blooms. Even as I type, it is putting on new buds! It is exciting each day to check it and see the new buds. I'm so pleased to find this website.

Mary Kathryn Wilson May 14 2012, 13:37 PM

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